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Why Ether Web Network?

  • Coverage in underserved areas
  • Zero loop fees
  • Faster than T1 or DSL
  • Reliable as T1 or DSL
  • Less costly than T1 or DSL
  • Live professional support

Who Is It For?

  • Private Networks
  • Industry
  • Government
  • IP for Security
  • Wi-Fi Hot Spots, Hotels
  • Residential
  • Small Office/Home Business

Where Is It Available?

Coverage in the greater Northern California East Bay and Central Valley areas, including Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon, Livermore, Sunol, Milpitas, Fremont, Mountain House, Tracy, Byron, Oakley& beyond!
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Special Offers

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Existing Ether Web Network customers, send us a referral and you will receive a service credit of $50 for a Residential customer that signs up with Ether Web Network for at least a 1 year term. Business client referrals will receive a $100 service credit for a Business customer that signs up with Ether Web Network for at least a 1 year term.  Just email us with your name, and the name and city of the customer you are referring, and you will receive a service credit on your next bill when they sign up.

Contact Us

Our support representatives are always available to hear from you.  If you are having trouble with your service, want to know more about Wireless Internet Services from Ether Web Network, or the technology we use to deliver you world class Internet services we want to hear from you.

           Phone: 1-888-ETHERWEB (1-888-384-3793)
          Email: New service inquiries at
          Email: Support and customer service at

System Status Updates

There are no system status updates at the moment. Check here for updates from EWN engineers regarding system status reports.

Ether Web Network Spam Policy

Unsolicited bulk email (UBE) and unsolicited commercial email (UCE). This policy is for the protection of Ether Web Network customers and the general Internet community from the negative effects related to"spam" activity.

Ether Web Network defines unsolicited bulk email and unsolicited commercial email (UBE/UCE) as, but not limited to any email that is sent to addresses that do not affirmatively and verifiably request such material from that specific sender. Ether Web Network defines "spam" as but not limited to the sending of UBE/UCE over the Internet, maintaining an open SMTP relay.

Ether Web Network reserves the right to immediately terminate any account which it believes, in its sole discretion, is transmitting or is otherwise connected with any spam or other unsolicited bulk email or unsolicited commercial email. In addition, since damages are often difficult to quantify in UBE/UCE cases, if actual damages cannot be reasonably calculated then you agree to pay Ether Web Network liquidated damages of $5 for each piece of spam or UBE/UCE transmitted from or otherwise connected with your account, otherwise you agree to pay Ether Web Network's actual damages, to the extent such actual damages can be reasonably calculated.

Ether Web Network clients and any users of any part of Ether Web Network's network including any product or service offered by Ether Web Network or resold by Ether Web Network clients are defined as Ether Web Network users (herein described as "users"). Users are prohibited from transmitting UBE/UCE. Ether Web Network may ask a user at any time to produce evidence that can verify that explicit affirmative permission was obtained from the recipients before a mailing was sent by the user. Lack of such evidence of explicit affirmative permission may be considered questionable and determined UBE/UCE at Ether Web Network's sole discretion.

Ether Web Network customers are strictly prohibited from providing hosting services that have been included in unsolicited bulk email and unsolicited commercial email listings. Hosting includes but is not limited to, hosting web site(s), providing DNS services as well as web site redirect services.

Users are prohibited from keeping open mail relays on their servers. Ignorance of the existence or operation of an open relay is an unacceptable excuse for maintaining an open mail relay on a server. Multiple infractions of this policy will result in termination of all services.

Users will be notified in the event that they may be hosting sites listed as violators of the above policies. It is the responsibility of the user to satisfactorily resolve the issue within the time constraints detailed below. Failure to rectify such situations will be cause for termination of all services.

Valid UBE and UCE complaints received by Ether Web Network will be forwarded to the user for response and resolution. If within twenty-four (24) hours of notification there is no response, Ether Web Network may block all traffic to and from the IP address or disable shared services involved in the complaint until the problem is resolved and preventative measures have been implemented to prevent the violation from recurring. It is the responsibility of the user to maintain a working email contact and update Ether Web Network with that information if it changes.

If repeat complaints indicating that an open relay have not been resolved are registered, Ether Web Network reserves the right to suspend and or cancel any and all services provided to the user after a notification of no less than two (2) hours.

To report an incidence of abuse, please report it to

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