Why Ether Web Network?

  • Coverage in underserved areas
  • Zero loop fees
  • Faster than T1 or DSL
  • Reliable as T1 or DSL
  • Less costly than T1 or DSL
  • Live professional support

Who Is It For?

  • Private Networks
  • Industry
  • Government
  • IP for Security
  • Wi-Fi Hot Spots, Hotels
  • Residential
  • Small Office/Home Business

Where Is It Available?

Coverage in the greater Northen California East Bay and Central Valley areas, including Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon, Livermore, Sunol, Milpitas, Fremont, Mountain House, Tracy, Byron, Oakley & beyond!
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Business Class Rate Plans

Outstanding Rates Oustanding Service! T1 or FASTER at lower costs for your business, with zero telco loop fees, taxes or hassles - Ether Web Network's enterprise class Internet Service is the cost savign answer to your company's Internet and data needs.

Business Connect (BC) Plans - Monthly Rates

Guaranteed Speed
1 YR Plan
     BC 1.5
     (T1 Replacement)
1.5 Mbps
     BC 3.0
3.0 Mbps
     BC 5.0
5.0 Mbps
     BC 10.0
10 Mbps

Enterprise Connect (EC) Plans - Monthly Rates

EC 40 Plus
(DS3 Replacement)
40 Mbps
 Contact us for rates & availability
(Broadband datacenter class)
Gigabit Ethernet
Contact us for rates & availability

Business Connect installation Fees include: Standard installation fee of $299 for 2 hours labor with an included maximum cable run of 100 feet. Additional man hours billed at $120/hour. Extra hardware and cabling fees may apply. Ether Web Network will acquire any required permits for a minimal additional fee.

Ether Web Network Service Level Agreement

Summary of Service Levels:

      Network Availability Target:  99.99%
  Committed Information Rate Target:  As specified per plan
  Network Latency Target: < 50 ms round trip
      Packet Loss Target: < 1%
      Response Target: 24-hour priority response in the event of a problem.

Ether Web Network provides an uptime availability target of 99.9% for Business Class services each calendar month. If Ether Web Network fails to meet the availability target for a particular month, you may request a credit for 3% of your package's monthly recurring charge for each hour of service outage in excess of the availability target. By definition, a circuit is experiencing an outage if no traffic is exchanged on the line, or Ether Web Network is unable to ping your radio. Outage hours are rounded to the nearest hour and based on the time a vendor Trouble Ticket is created, indicated by the time stamp on the Trouble Ticket.

Ether Web Network's target response time for initializing service restoration following phone notification of a business class service outage is 24 hours. If Ether Web Network is unable to meet this target response time, you may request a credit for 10% your package's monthly recurring charge. In no case shall the sum of target response time credits and uptime availability target credits during a calendar month exceed the total of your package's monthly recurring charge.

Wireless Throughput - Ether Web Network guarantees 80% throughput on all business class services (Residential/SOHO packages do not come with a service guarantee). If you receive one of these services and it is continuously and chronologically documented through Ether Web Network tests and vendor Trouble Tickets as functioning below the guaranteed throughput for 60 consecutive days, you may disconnect your line without penalty. This is also true if a Ether Web Network Engineer has deemed your line as unable to reach the guaranteed throughput, and you are unable to downgrade to a lower speed within the same technology. Ether Web Network does not guarantee throughput from the Internet to a personal computer and vice-versa, as actual throughput is highly dependent on external factors such as Internet congestion and protocol overhead.

Feel free to contact us anytime with any questions.  We are always glad to hear from you!

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